50 New Startups


Xeria Group is looking to create 50 new startup companies in different sectors by 2020.

This initiative is being put in play immediately!  Xeria will be contributing services and capital for the

right business plans presented. Now, with minimal investment from the holder of the plan we will

formally establish a partnership.  This is a program that will ignite the small business world and create

revenue for markets to stand once again within the country.



Structure and Partnerships

Working with Xeria Group, LLC we offer affordable packages that will meet your needs, in the progress of helping you build your company.  


We offer help to build your company from the ground up.

·         Federal EIN/ Tax ID Number

·         Articles Of Organization

·         Education  

·         Marketing

·         Creating Your First Revenue


Investments and Partnerships

Minimum of $500 Investment is required to work with Xeria Group, LLC

$500 Investment < 40% Partnership

$1000 Investment < 30% Partnership 

$1500 Investment < 20% Partnership

*These are examples of the structure.


Under very special occasions we may wave a startup fee working with a client which will put you in a 40% Partnership with Xeria Group, LLC for the first 3 years of your company. This is non-negotiable  


All Initial Investments will be used to educate you, and get your business going. Also your investment will be used as part of your very first revenue coming into your company.


If you have any questions, or interested, please contact us immediately, and comment below.



William E. Murphy, IV