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50 New Startups



Welcome to Xeria Group, LLC

A National Holdings Company that invest in startups companies



We are always moving forward with new ideas and new ways of improving lives. Change is driven by imaginative thinking. That is the proposition of the Xeria brand. 

These two words describe the way we work with each other, the way we bring value to our customers' businesses, the way we interact with the market.

They express our belief in the creative potential of individuals and organizations, our emphasis on forward thinking and positive results.

For those who want to transform their business and leverage the collective knowledge and imagination of their people, the solution is as simple as imagine. change.

It is more than just a new tagline.
It's the essence of the Xeria Group experience.

Co- Founder

W. N. Murphy


With the launching of the 50 StartUp program we are looking to get things moving in the right direction as soon as we can.  I need people who would like to participate in this movement to please comment below and send emails. 


Info@XeriaCorp.com Subject: 50 Startups

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