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Welcome to Xeria Group, LLC

A National Holdings Company that invest in startups companies




Welcome to Xeria Group, LLC




XERIA believes, "revenue needs to be recycled into our communities to ensure economic growth ".  Since sustainable economic development interacts and complements each other, community protection and the economy together will constitute a favorable cycle for a better social living quality. Hence, XERIA holds fast to the principle of "what is taken from the society should be used in the interests of the society", and proactively involvement in environmental and community protection, while facilitating operating management.

Resources from different sectors in our society contribute to the success of XERIA. Therefore, it is necessary to show respect for the resources taken from the environment during the production process and to protect our existing communities.  XERIA aims at establishing a lasting company, by building around the ideology of "Enhancing market competitiveness, maximizing the circulation of resources, lowering cost, establishing solid companies by reducing time and utilizing other enterprises in a competitive market with a strong marketing syllogism ".








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